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The NEW Boxer Derby skate package is designed for the beginner skater in mind.  Loaded with enhanced and improved features we've included a high performance 59mm / 89A wheels made in here the USA.  The Rock grey plate is a sturdy nylon Rock plate with metal trucks.  We've finished it off with a #10 super grip toe-stop made here at our facility.  A perfect skate package derby ready for new skaters and juniors

Boxer Derby Features:

Man made leather boot molded on a narrower last than the GT-50 for a more secure fit.
59mm / 89A Boxer Derby wheel made in the USA
#10 super grip toe-stop made in the USA
Abec-5 Bearings
Rock Plate / Black with aluminum trucks
Size range extends from juniors to adults.
Package is "derby ready".

€ 124.95

Sure-Grip Zero Nutz - Sure-Grip ZERO NUTZ are produced in the USA using a revolutionary nylon material.   ZERO NUTZ are a super lightweight alternative to traditional aluminum axle nuts with an added bonus.  ZERO NUTZ are designed with a unique one of a kind bearing guard that protects you bearings from skate tools, socket wrenches, or anything else that might dent or damage your bearing shields.  This same bearing guard also protects against dirt and debris from entering the bearing whether you skate outdoors or indoors.  This unique concept is the first of its kind in roller skating, never damage your bearings again.  Individually packaged in sets of 8 with 5 colors to choose from, 8mm only.

€ 7.95

Sure-Grip introduced the very first hybrid wheel for Derby in 2008. There have been plenty of imposters since, yet when you need grip, the Sugar formula still out performs them all. Now Sure-Grip offers that same great feel in two new sizes to fit every skating style. Sugar is the original and still the best, do not settle for toxic knock-offs.

Equalizer - 62mm x 38mm
Sinfully Sweet on your Feet

Sugar Wheels………..Sweet on any Surface!

Sold in 4 Packs

- See more at: http://www.suregrip.com/products-page/wheels/speed-derby-wheels/sugar#sthash.tXbFw39i.dpuf

Voorraad: 2
€ 34.95

Rollout 59mm

Rollout wheels are made from the freshest ingredients produced here in Southern California. Ninja cut at 59mm x 38mm (LOW), these wheels feature the same  urethane compound as the Zombie Wheel that is only available from Sure-Grip.

Using this latest technology, we have developed the most cutting edge corded wheel on the market giving the skater unsurpassed durability, feel, flex when needed on any surface especially on a sport court.

Product list:
Steam Roll - Purple – 89A
Recommended for polished concrete and other slippery surfaces.

Pack Roll – Teal – 92A
Ideal for coated surfaces and sports courts.

Jammer Roll – Red – 95A
Hard and fast for sticky surfaces.

Dragon Roll – Green – 98A
Extra firm feel for coated floors, tracks, and soft skate courts.

Available in 4 Packs

- See more at: http://www.suregrip.com/products-page/wheels/speed-derby-wheels#sthash.BV7YTFh7.dpuf

Voorraad: 2
€ 39.95
size: 59

Just what the doctor ordered to maximize your stopping power.  Developed and tested by and for Derby skaters but certainly suitable for all sk8ing applications where excellent grip and rebound are needed... 

Voorraad: 1
€ 19.95

62mm x 38mm

85A Hardness

Dit item is momenteel niet op voorraad

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€ 49.95

62mm x 38mm

85A Hardness

Dit item is momenteel niet op voorraad

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€ 49.95

The Rebel Derby has a leather boot, probe nylon plate, QUBE Juice bearings, Fugitive wheels, and a Carrera speed toe stop.  All the components in the Rebel Derby are performance ready to get started.  Virtually no break in period, this boot gives instant comfort and stability to get rolling on the track.  The Rebel Derby is a quality skate package at an affordable price.

€ 199.95